Monday, December 17, 2012

Stupid Human Tricks

Do you remember when David Letterman used to have a segment called Stupid Pet Tricks?  For all I know, he still does, I'm just not up that late anymore to watch his show!  Anyway, yesterday Ev and I pulled a 'Stupid Human Trick'.  Here's what happened:

Me:  "Honey, are you going to trim away the vines on the side of the house and by the air conditioning unit this afternoon?"

Him:  "Yes, dear."
Later... After waiting a decent amount of time, I decided to go out and started pulling vines (Who in their right mind plants vines along the foundation of their house?  Seriously?)  He hears me out there and comes out and we both start working on getting rid of them.

Ev got the lopping shears and we were just going to town, hacking away at the overgrowth by the air conditioner unit.  We had to be very careful because there are two slim wires, which I think are ground wires, but I don't want to cut them and find out they are live, yeah....  Anyway...  In being super duper careful not to cut any electrical wires, we snipped something else.  Any guesses?  It made a hissing sound.  Need another hint?  I doubt it.  Yep, we snipped the freon line to the a/c unit. 

Stupid Human Trick.  Sigh.  I called the a/c guy, just to make sure we weren't going to die because the freon was being released into the air (A/C Guy:  "No, Ma'am, you are not going to die.  And you aren't the first person to ever do this, either..." Yeah, like that made me feel better.).  He said they can't recharge it until Spring when the weather is above 75 degrees, but, long story short, it's going to cost between $300 and $400 in the Spring to get the a/c fixed.

Lesson learned.

Before going out and performing surgery on the a/c line, I made a batch of cracker bark.  The recipe is on  the Mennonite Girls Can Cook website.  It was super easy to make and very very good.

The most difficult part of making this was waiting for it to cool to break into pieces!  My hubby and son both think it tastes like Heath candy bars.

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Diana and LaDonna said...

I had to laugh at this...sounds like something I would do too! Glad you're safe!